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Pouso Alegre is a countryside lodge located at Poconé, in Pantanal of Mato Grosso, Brazil .

Situated in a traditional Pantanal's cattle farm with an area of 8.000 hectares and great diversity of preserved Pantanal landscapes without introduced species, presenting characteristical flora and fauna, with large floodabler fields of native grass, several kinds of forest and permanent and temporary water bodies.

Leaving Cuiabá, Mato Grosso state's capital, one travels 100km of paved road reaching Poconé and 33km of Transpantaneira Road (not paved), inside Pantanal already, to the farm's entrance in a stretch of aproximately 3 hours, included several stops along the way to observe local attractions.

During both drought and flood, many attractions of Pantanal may be observed in rides to rarely frequented places, walking or in horseback and canoe rides.


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The lodge is linked toTranspantaneira pby a private service road of 6km, slightly elevated an with acess throughout the year, presenting excellent conditions for region's privileged flora e fauna observation.

Animals as caymans, capybaras, monkeys, anacondas, deers and many different bird species can be found in the wild at their natural habitats.

Also at the lodge's surroundings, may be found a wide range of birds among the hundreds of species present in Pantanal and catching people's attention encontramos uma grande vwith the beauty of plumage or voice, as the hyacinth macaws, toucans, cardinals and the bird symbol of Pantanal, the jabiru stork.

Transpantaneira Road KM33 - Poconé - MT - Brazil

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