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Mammals identified at Pouso Alegre

ORDER: Marsupialia
FAMILY: Didelphidae
Gambá Didelphis albiventris White-eared Opossum
Cuíca Gracilinanus agilis Agile Gracile Mouse Opossum
Cuíca Philander opossum Common Gray Four-eyed Opossum
ORDER: Primatas
FAMILY: Cebidae
Bugio Allouatta caraya Black Howler Monkey
Macaco-prego Cebus apella Capuchin Monkey
Macaco-da-noite Aotus infulatus Night Monkey
FAMILY: Hapalidae
Sagüi Callithrix argentata Marmoset
ORDER: Edentata
FAMILY: Myrmecophagidae


Myrmecophaga tridactyla Giant Anteater
Tamanduá-mirim Tamandua tetradactyla Collared Anteater
FAMILY: Dasypodidae
Tatu-canastra Priodontes maximus Giant Armadillo
Tatu-galinha Dasypus novencinctus Nine-banded Armadillo
Tatu-peba Euphractus sexcintus Six-banded Armadillo
ORDER: Carnivora
FAMILY: Canidae
Cachorro-do-mato Dusicyon thous Crab-eating Fox
Cachorro-do-mato vinagre Speothos venaticus Bushdog
FAMILY: Procyonidae
Guaxinim Procyon cancrivorus Racoon
Quati Nasua nasua Coati
FAMILY: Mustelidae
Irara Eira barbara Tayra
Furão Galictis cuja furax Grison
Lontra Lutra platensis River Otter
Ariranha Pteronura brasiliensis Giant Otter
FAMILY: Felidae
Gato-mourisco Herpailurus yaguarondi Jaguarondi
Jaguatirica Leopardus pardalis Ocelot
Gato-do-mato-pequeno Leopardus tigrina Little-spotted Cat
Gato-maracajá Leopardus wiedii Margay
Onça-parda Puma concolor Puma
Onça-pintada Panthera onca Jaguar
ORDER: Perissodactyla
FAMILY: Tapiridae
Anta Tapirus terrestris Tapir
ORDER: Artiodactyla
FAMILY: Tayassuidae
Cateto Tayassu tajacu Collared Peccary
Queixada Tayassu albirostris White-lipped Peccary
FAMILY: Suidae
Porco-monteiro Sus scrofa Feral Pig
FAMILY: Cervidae
Cervo-do-pantanal Blastocerus dichotomus Marsh Deer
Veado-campeiro Ozotocerus bezoarticus Pampas Deer
Veado-mateiro Mazama americana Red-brocket Deer
Veado-catingueiro Mazama gouazoubira Brown-brocket Deer
ORDER: Rodentia
FAMILY: Erethizontidae
Ouriço Coendou spinosus Porcupine
FAMILY: Dasyproctidae
Cutia Dasyprocta agouti Agouti
FAMILY: Cuniculidae
Paca Cuniculus paca Paca
FAMILY: Hydrochoeridae
Capivara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris Capybara


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