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At Pouso Alegre the macaws are daily neighbors due to the preservation of habitats attractive to these birds.

Northern Pantanal, with a characteristical large amounts of practically untouched lands leading to an amazing abundace odf wildlife, is one of the last refuges of Hyacinth macaw.

It's interesting that one of the prefered places by macaws for roosting are the big trees next to the Lodge, as 'Manduvis' (Sterculia striata) and 'Tarumeiros' (Vitex cymosa), besides 'Carandás' (Copernicia alba) and 'Acuris' (Scheelea phalerata), very appreciated by these birds, with very strong bills specialized for breaking coconuts and reaching the nut inside.

There is even a nest, in a tree´s hollow next to the corral in front of tourists accomodations, used already for several years by the same couple. When the nest was once invaded by ants, the chick inside has been expulsed and found still alive on the ground. Quickly, has been built a wooden bird-house in the closer tree, a big 'tarumeiro', where the nestling was promptly installed and continued normally fed by the parents, (survived and is now an adult), that in the next breeding continued using the original nest

Along last yeas has been developed a work of mapping and planting new trees specific for feeding and nesting of the macaws, specially 'Manduvi'.



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